Pre Need Insurance

Pre Need Insurance Removes Stress From Paying For & Planning Funerals

Avoid Funeral Cost Surprises

Pre Need Insurance Highlights
  • As low as a few dollars a month
  • Sometimes called "funeral insurance"
  • Allows families to pre plan a funeral, ensuring funeral & burial prices won't rise
  • Insurance policy is matched to cost of pre planned funeral
  • Removes stress of planning & paying for a funeral while also grieving over loss of a loved one

How Pre Need Insurance Works

Pre need insurance is often referred to as “burial insurance” or “funeral insurance” While pre need insurance is a type of life insurance, it works a bit differently from other types of life insurance. Pre need insurance is based on the idea that a funeral is planned in advance of an insured’s death and the [pre need] life insurance policy is subsequently purchased to match the cost of the planned funeral. When the insured dies, the insurance company is typically directed to pay the funeral home directly, rather than their family members.

Why for Pre Need Insurance Quotes

Pre need insurance can involve some additional complexity beyond traditional life insurance. This is because in order to match the insurance policy to the anticipated funeral costs, a funeral home, funeral plan and insurance company must all be coordinated. However, with, all of the guesswork & hassle is taken out of the process. Simply fill out the Pre Need Insurance quote form and takes care of the rest. It uses a proprietary system to match consumers with preneed insurance companies that service their area and are also able to coordinate with local funeral homes. takes the work out of comparing preneed insurance companies and rates to save you time, money and effort.