Funeral Insurance

Funeral insurance is a specialized type of life insurance, designed to pay for a person's funeral and burial expenses. The term "funeral insurance" is often used interchangeably with "final expense insurance", "burial insurance", "preneed insurance" and "life insurance". While they share some of the same characteristics, funeral insurance is not necessarily the same as these other types of insurance policies and may have some subtle differences.

Funeral Insurance Highlights

  • Insurance policy specifically designed to pay for funeral expenses or burial expenses
  • Very inexpensive, with some policies starting at just a few dollars per month
  • Death benefits range from $1,000 up to $100,000
  • Death benefits tied to actual funeral costs
  • Funeral costs locked in at time of insurance purchase & will NOT go up
  • Funeral insurance allows insured to choose funeral options ahead of time
  • Family won't face large, unexpected funeral bill at time of loved one's death
  • Little or no medical underwriting & NO medical exams for insured

How Funeral Insurance Differs from traditional Life Insurance

  • Funeral insurance death benefit claims paid in just days vs. months with traditional life insurance
  • Traditional life insurance is significantly more expensive than funeral insurance
  • Traditional life insurance has larger death benefits of $100,000 or more
  • Traditional life insurance is designed to provide income replacement to family for ongoing living expenses

Funeral Insurance Information

Funeral insurance differs from other types of life insurance because it is intended to facilitate the funeral planning and payment process before a loved one's death. Traditionally, a family races to make funeral arrangements within days, or even hours sometimes, of a loved one's death. Not only do they have the emotional burden of losing a loved one, they must also make important decisions about burial & cremation, funerals, memorial services, wakes, flower arrangements and contacting other family members and friends. The added stress of making funeral arrangements is a tremendous burden. On top of that, families must also cope with sometimes shocking funeral costs that can easily exceed $15,000. Funeral insurance is designed to relieve the stress associated with funeral planning, paying for a funeral and losing a loved one all at the same time. allows consumers to quickly and easily get customized Funeral insurance quotes online.

Funeral Insurance Makes It Easy

Funeral insurance is intended to be coupled with funeral pre planning. Meaning, the death benefit of a funeral insurance policy is matched to the expected cost of a funeral. In many cases, the funeral insurance policy is paid directly to a funeral home, so the family doesn't have the burden of having to deal with the insurance company, then in turn coordinating payment to the funeral home. Funeral insurance allows for the insurance company to pay the funeral home directly, thereby removing the work associated with this process during an already emotionally trying time.